Shih Tzu Puppies


Shih Tzu puppies are honest and a man’s best friend. Many people like and have a dog in their family.

Shih Tzu is a dog popular around the world.

Many people want to know how it looks.
Today, we present a picture of Shih Tzu puppies to let everyone see.
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Shih Tzu puppies Shih Tzu puppies
Shih Tzu puppies Shih Tzu puppies
Shih Tzu puppies Shih Tzu puppies
Shih Tzu puppies Shih Tzu puppies
Shih Tzu puppies Shih Tzu puppies

Shih Tzu Puppies History

Paperwork and paintings dating from your sixteenth-century display puppies resembling a little lion (which the Shih-Tzu is usually called). In the seventeenth century, puppies ended up introduced from Tibet and bred in the forbidden Town of Peking, almost certainly by crossing the Tibetan Lhasa Apso along with the native Pekingese. Shih Tzu puppies became a favorite with the Imperial Chinese court. The breed was so revered that for most several years after the Chinese began buying and selling with the West, they refused to sell, and even give absent, any from the small dogs. It absolutely was not until 1930 that the very first pair was imported to England. The Shih-Tzu was acknowledged in Britain in 1946 and by the AKC in the US in 1969. Today the breed is extremely well-liked, each being a companion and a glamorous demonstrate canine.

Shih Tzu Puppies’ Coat Colors

The Shih Tzu comes in a range of colors that contain different shades of gold, white, and brown. Other colors include things like black mask gold, black and white, solid black, solid liver, liver and white, brindle and white, and silver and white. Though not as popular you will find also solid blue Shih Tzu puppies. An interesting point (and normally a point of confusion) is the fact that whilst the coat color of those with black pigmented skin (nose, lips, pads, also referred to as “leather”) is determined by the color of the coat itself; the coat color on dogs with either liver or blue pigment is categorized by the color with the pigment. Thus a parti colored (white and a different shade) Shih Tzu puppy with blue pigment is actually a “blue and white” regardless of the tint with the hair which could incredibly nicely seem comparable to gold and white or other colors. Exactly the same principle applies to solid blue, liver, and liver and white.

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