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There are descriptions of Toy Poodles that have a dark and oval shape eye or can be a black and brown color. Toy Poodle has oval-shaped feet and is very tiny. This type of Poodles also has many colors such as black, blue, silver, gray, cream, apricot, red, white, and brown. In addition, this Poodle has a height of up to 10 inches (25.4 cm.) and a weight of about 6-9 pounds (3-4 kg.)

Poodle Pictures

Poodle Poodle
Poodle Poodle
Poodle Poodle
Poodle Poodle
Poodle Poodle

Origin Country of Poodle:

The Poodle originated in Germany as a water retriever (Pudel indicates water in German). Currently, you’ll find three sizes; toy, miniature, and common. They are all judged by the identical normal of perfection and are identical in every single respect except height. The regular or biggest size is thought to become the original Poodle. Although the American Kennel Club classifies it as a Nonsporting breed, it nevertheless retains its hunting abilities and remains an exceptional swimmer. The Typical is often seen in circuses and obedience rings.


Common Poodles range from 22 inches – 27 inches


Standard Poodles range from 45 – 70 pounds


Standard Poodles can be any solid color.


Normal Poodles have frizzy or curly coats, which are dense and harsh. Normal grooming is required.


Otherwise notable is this breed’s keen sense for instinctual behavior. In specific, marking and hunting drives are far more readily observable than in most other breeds. Even Toys will point to birds. Classified as very energetic, poodles can also get bored fairly quickly and have been known to get creative about acquiring mischief. Poodles like to be within the center of things and are very easily trained to perform astonishing tricks involving each brain and agility. They’ve performed in circuses for centuries, starting in Europe, and have been a portion of the Ringling Circus in several forms from its inception. The Grimaldis, the well-known British clowns Kenneth and Audrey Austin, “developed a stronger circus act” using a clever poodle named ‘Twinkle,’ the accomplishment of which allowed them to continue performing even as octogenarians

The Standard Poodle is susceptible to epilepsy and gastric torsion

Life Expectancy:

The expected life span in the Standard Poodle is 10-13 years.

Living Environment:

Regular Poodles do well in houses with fenced yards because they may be active dogs who delight in workouts.

AKC Group:

The Common Poodle is within the Non-Sporting group.

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