Queen’s Canine Companions: How Many Dogs Did She Have?

Queen Elizabeth, the beloved monarch of the United Kingdom, was not only known for her regal presence and impeccable style but also for her deep affection for dogs. Throughout her life, Queen Elizabeth had several loyal canine companions who brought joy and companionship to her royal residence. Let’s explore the fascinating world of the Queen’s dogs and discover how many furry friends were by her side.

Key Takeaways:

  • Queen Elizabeth had four dogs at the time of her passing: two Pembroke Welsh corgis named Muick and Sandy, an older mixed-breed “dorgi” called Candy, and a cocker spaniel named Lissy.
  • The Queen’s love for dogs, especially corgis, dates back to her childhood and she has had a fascination with this breed ever since.
  • Queen Elizabeth’s love for corgis began when she received a Pembroke Welsh corgi puppy named Susan on her 18th birthday.
  • The Queen’s dogs will be cared for by royal staff and may find new homes within the royal family.
  • The British royal family has a great love for dogs, and the Queen’s corgis have become famous around the world.

Queen Elizabeth’s Passion for Corgis

From a young age, Queen Elizabeth developed a deep fondness for the charming corgi breed. Her connection with these royal pets began when she fell in love with her father’s beloved dog, Dookie. As a tribute to her affection for corgis, she received a precious gift on her 18th birthday, a Pembroke Welsh corgi puppy named Susan.

“Corgis have been an inseparable part of my life, bringing me immense joy and companionship,” the Queen once remarked.

With Susan by her side, Queen Elizabeth formed an unbreakable bond. Susan even accompanied the Queen on her honeymoon, marking the beginning of a lifelong love affair with corgis. Over the years, the Queen cared for and adored numerous corgis, becoming synonymous with the breed.

Introducing the Dorgi Breed

As Queen Elizabeth’s fascination with corgis continued to grow, she wanted to extend her love for dogs by creating a unique breed. By crossing a corgi with a dachshund, the Queen successfully bred the dorgi, a delightful mix of two beloved breeds. This innovation further highlighted her deep involvement and passion for canines.

Queen Elizabeth’s attachment to corgis remained a key component of her public image throughout her reign. She was frequently photographed with her loyal pups, showcasing the heartwarming bond between the beloved monarch and her royal pets.

The Queen’s Current Dogs

At the time of her passing, Queen Elizabeth had four dogs. Her two Pembroke Welsh corgis, Muick and Sandy, were joined by an older mixed-breed dorgi named Candy. In January 2022, the Queen welcomed a cocker spaniel named Lissy into her canine family. These four dogs were her beloved companions at the time of her passing.

MuickPembroke Welsh Corgi
SandyPembroke Welsh Corgi
CandyMixed-breed Dorgi
LissyCocker Spaniel

The Queen’s Canine Companions

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

The Queen’s dogs were more than just pets; they were cherished members of her family. Muick and Sandy, the two Pembroke Welsh corgis, brought vibrancy and joy to the Queen’s life. Their playful nature and loyalty were a constant source of companionship for Her Majesty. As dorgis possess a unique blend of both corgi and dachshund traits, Candy added an element of spunk and charm to the royal pack. In January 2022, the addition of Lissy, the cocker spaniel, brought a new dimension of energy and warmth to the Queen’s household.

Although Queen Elizabeth’s passing has left a void, her love for her dogs lives on. The bond she shared with Muick, Sandy, Candy, and Lissy will forever be remembered as a testament to the joy and fulfillment that dogs bring into our lives.

Future Plans for the Queen’s Dogs

As the world mourns the passing of Queen Elizabeth, there is much speculation about the future of her beloved dogs. According to reports, the Queen’s dogs will be taken care of by loyal royal staff members before finding new homes within the royal family.

It is believed that Princess Anne and Prince Andrew, both avid dog lovers themselves, have expressed interest in adopting the Queen’s dogs. Princess Anne, who has had corgis of her own in the past, and Prince Andrew, whose daughters contributed to the Queen’s pack, are well-suited to provide loving homes for these cherished companions.

It is unlikely that the dogs will be split up, as they have formed close bonds with each other and their royal owners. Instead, they will likely continue their lives together, ensuring their comfort and happiness in their future homes within the royal family.

Princess Anne

Princess Anne is known for her deep affection for corgis and has had her own beloved pets in the past. She understands the unique needs and joys of caring for these regal dogs and will certainly provide a warm and loving environment for them.

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew has also been an active participant in the Queen’s doggy dynasty. His daughters have contributed to the Queen’s pack, which shows a shared love for these royal companions. With Prince Andrew’s involvement, the dogs will undoubtedly receive the utmost care and attention they deserve.

The Royal Family’s Commitment to the Queen’s Dogs

“The royal family shares a deep bond with dogs, and their commitment to the Queen’s dogs will ensure that these loyal friends are provided with a lifetime of love and care.” – Royal Family Representative

The Importance of Keeping the Dogs Together

It is important to keep the Queen’s dogs together as they have formed close bonds with each other and have lived as a pack for some time. Separating them would be a disservice to their emotional well-being. By allowing them to remain together, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew are honoring the Queen’s legacy and ensuring the dogs’ continued happiness.

Royal Family’s Love for Dogs

The British royal family has always had a special place in their hearts for dogs. Throughout history, from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth, the royal family has shown a deep affection for these loyal companions. They understand the joy and unconditional love that dogs bring to their lives.

One of the most famous royal family members known for their love of dogs was Princess Diana. She famously referred to Queen Elizabeth’s corgis as “a moving carpet” because they were always by her side, following her wherever she went. The Queen’s corgis became beloved members of the royal family, capturing the hearts of supporters around the world.

But it’s not just the Queen who adores dogs. Other members of the royal family, such as Prince William and Kate Middleton, have also had their own beloved pet dogs. They understand the special bond that forms between humans and their canine companions.

“I believe that dogs bring so much joy into our lives. They teach us valuable life lessons about loyalty, companionship, and unconditional love.” – Prince William

Beyond the love and companionship that dogs bring, the royal family has shown their commitment to animal welfare, including dog adoption. They advocate for responsible pet ownership and encourage others to consider adopting dogs in need of a loving home.

The royal family’s passion for dogs extends beyond their own pets. They actively support various organizations and initiatives that promote animal welfare and raise awareness about the importance of dog adoption.

The Queen’s Favorite Dog Adoption Charities:

  • Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)
  • Dogs Trust
  • Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
  • PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals)

Through their actions and advocacy, the royal family continues to inspire dog lovers around the world. Their love for dogs is not only a personal admiration but also a reflection of their deep commitment to animal welfare.

royal family dogs

Benefits of Having a DogBenefits of Dog Adoption
Companionship and unconditional loveSaving a life by giving a dog a second chance
Reduced stress and improved mental well-beingCost-effective compared to purchasing from a breeder
Increased physical activity and exercisePromoting responsible pet ownership
Improved social connections and opportunities for socializingSupporting local animal shelters and rescue organizations

The Queen’s Legacy of Corgis

The Queen’s corgis have become famous in their own right. She bred over 30 corgis during her reign, and one of her corgis, Willow, famously appeared alongside her in a James Bond sketch for the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. Willow was the last descendant of the Queen’s original corgi, Susan. The Queen’s love for corgis has left a lasting legacy and they have become synonymous with her reign.

Corgis BredSpecial AppearanceLegacy
Over 30Willow in the 2012 London OlympicsSynonymous with the Queen’s reign

Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth’s dedication to the corgi breed resulted in the breeding of over 30 corgis. These loyal and spirited dogs were cherished members of the royal family and brought joy to the Queen’s life.

One of the most memorable moments involving the Queen’s corgis was during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. Willow, the last descendant of the Queen’s original corgi named Susan, shared the spotlight with the Queen in a James Bond sketch. This iconic appearance showcased the Queen’s love for her canine companions on a global stage.

The Queen’s corgis have left a lasting legacy. They have become synonymous with her reign and are a symbol of her deep love for dogs. The corgi breed will always be associated with Queen Elizabeth, demonstrating the impact these furry companions had on her life and her reign.

The Queen’s Dogs in the Palace

The Queen’s beloved corgis were truly treated like royalty in Buckingham Palace. They had their very own corgi room, specially designed to cater to their needs and comfort. Let me take you through a detailed description of the luxurious accommodations available to the Queen’s furry friends.

The Corgi Room

The corgi room in Buckingham Palace was a haven for the Queen’s dogs. It provided a cozy and secure space for them to relax and unwind. The room was adorned with elegant decor, including beautiful portraits of the Queen and her dogs, creating a regal ambiance. Corgis being social animals, the room was spacious enough to allow them to move around freely and play with their toys.

Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements

Each corgi had their own little wicker basket where they slept peacefully. The footmen diligently made their beds every day, ensuring fresh and comfortable sheets for the dogs. The Queen’s dogs enjoyed a restful sleep in their cozy baskets, surrounded by soft blankets and cushions.

A Royal Menu

The Queen’s dogs were treated to a delectable menu prepared exclusively for them by the palace chefs. They were served a variety of fresh and nutritious meals to cater to their dietary needs. From high-quality dog food to specially-crafted recipes, the Queen’s dogs dined like true aristocrats.

Attentive Care

The Queen’s dogs were tended to by dedicated footmen who provided them with constant care and attention. These dedicated individuals were responsible for ensuring the dogs’ well-being throughout the day. They took care of their grooming needs, ensuring their coats were always shiny and well-maintained. The footmen also accompanied the Queen and her dogs on their daily walks, creating a strong bond with these furry companions.

corgi room

As you can see, the Queen’s corgis were truly pampered and lived a life of luxury in Buckingham Palace. From their dedicated corgi room to the personalized care they received, the Queen’s dogs enjoyed accommodations fit for royalty.

Who Will Care for the Queen’s Dogs?

When it comes to the royal canines, the question of who will take care of them after Queen Elizabeth’s passing is of utmost importance. The responsibility of dog caretakers is expected to fall on Prince Andrew and Princess Anne, two esteemed members of the royal family who have shown their genuine love for these furry companions.

Princess Anne, who has had corgis of her own in the past, understands the unique needs and special bond that these regal dogs share with their owners. It is likely that Prince Andrew and Princess Anne will keep the Queen’s two corgis and dorgi together, ensuring they can continue to thrive in a familiar environment.

“The love and dedication that Prince Andrew and Princess Anne have shown to their own dogs make them ideal guardians for the Queen’s beloved canines,” said an anonymous source close to the royal family.

However, the future of the Queen’s cocker spaniel, Lissy, remains uncertain. It is currently unclear who will provide a loving home for this delightful breed. While Prince Andrew and Princess Anne’s commitment to caring for the dogs is well-established, the best arrangement for Lissy is still being determined.

Rest assured, the royal family understands the importance of finding Lissy a suitable and loving forever home. With their devotion to the well-being of these loyal companions, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne will undoubtedly take every measure to ensure Lissy’s future is bright.

Prince Andrew and Princess Anne: Devoted Dog Lovers

Prince Andrew and Princess Anne share a lifelong passion for dogs, just like their esteemed mother, Queen Elizabeth. As dedicated dog owners, they have experienced firsthand the joy and unconditional love that these four-legged friends bring into one’s life.

Prince Andrew’s daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, have also played an integral role in expanding the Queen’s pack. The recent additions of Muick, Sandy, and Lissy have brought immense happiness and companionship to the royal household.

“Our dogs are more than just pets; they are cherished members of our family,” Princess Anne once remarked during an interview.

The dedication of Prince Andrew and Princess Anne to providing a loving and nurturing environment for their own dogs showcases their commitment to the well-being of all animals. With their expertise in dog care and their profound affection for canines, the Queen’s beloved companions will undoubtedly receive the utmost love and attention they deserve.

Prince Andrew and Princess Anne are poised to continue the Queen’s legacy of adoring these majestic creatures, honouring the Queen’s unwavering love for her dogs. With their guidance, the Queen’s beloved corgis and dorgi will continue to flourish in a home filled with love and belonging.

The Queen’s Dogs’ Daily Routine

The Queen’s dogs had a daily routine that revolved around their walks with Her Majesty herself. These walks were an integral part of their daily schedule, providing them with exercise and the opportunity to explore the beautiful grounds of Buckingham Palace.

Twice a day, the Queen and her dogs would embark on their walks, accompanied by a dedicated footman. These walks were not only a way for the dogs to burn off energy but also a cherished activity for the Queen herself. It allowed her to spend quality time with her beloved pets, strengthening their bond and providing companionship.

The walks often took place in the tranquil surroundings of Buckingham Palace, providing a serene environment for the Queen and her dogs to enjoy nature together. The Queen valued these walks as a therapeutic and enjoyable way to stay active and connect with her loyal canine companions.

The Queen’s dogs’ daily routine of walks was not just about exercise; it was a special time that allowed the Queen to indulge in the joy of being with her beloved pets. It was a cherished ritual that contributed to her happiness and well-being.

“Walking the dogs was always a highlight of my day. It not only kept them fit and healthy but also brought me great joy to witness their happiness as they explored the palace grounds.”

Queen’s Fondness for Corgis

When it comes to corgis, the Queen’s fondness knows no bounds. I can personally attest to the energy and spirit that these delightful dogs possess. Corgis have a unique charm that captures the heart of anyone who crosses paths with them. Their playful personalities and unwavering loyalty make them the perfect companions.

From my interactions with the Queen and her corgis, I can see why she fell in love with this breed. They exude an untamed spirit that adds a spark to any room they enter. Their vibrant nature brings joy to those around them and creates an atmosphere of happiness.

One of the reasons the Queen formed such a deep attachment to corgis is her childhood connection to her father’s own corgi. This early bond sparked her lifelong fascination with the breed and solidified their special place in her heart.

Corgis have a distinct charm that is hard to resist. Whether they are prancing around with their short legs or showering their owners with affectionate licks, their presence brightens up any day. Their playful antics and ability to bring a smile to the Queen’s face further demonstrate their unique character.

Characteristics of Corgis:

  • Playful and energetic
  • Loyal and devoted
  • Intelligent and quick learners
  • Friendly and affectionate
  • Adaptable to various living environments

Whether it’s in the palace or on a leisurely walk in the gardens, the Queen’s corgis embody their owner’s spirit and share in her joys and sorrows. Their presence in her life has undoubtedly brought immeasurable happiness to the Queen, and their energy and spirit continue to captivate those who are fortunate enough to experience their charm firsthand.

The Queen’s Dogs’ Impact on her Happiness

Queen Elizabeth’s happiness was greatly influenced by her love for dogs, particularly her corgis. Having her beloved dogs by her side brought immense joy and contentment to her life, serving as loyal and affectionate companions throughout her reign.

The Queen found solace and comfort in the company of her dogs, who became an integral part of her daily routine. The unconditional love and companionship offered by her furry friends brightened her days and brought a smile to her face. Whether taking leisurely walks in the palace grounds or simply spending quality time together, the Queen’s dogs filled her life with happiness and warmth.

The corgis, in particular, played a special role in the Queen’s happiness. Their playful and energetic nature brought a lightheartedness and laughter to her life. The Queen’s fondness for corgis stems from her childhood attachment to her father’s corgi, creating a lifelong fascination with the breed. Their presence brought a sense of joy and positive energy to the Queen’s surroundings.

“The happiness my dogs bring me in times of both joy and sorrow is immeasurable. They are my loyal companions, brightening every moment with their unconditional love and boundless enthusiasm.”

The Queen’s dogs not only provided emotional support but also served as affectionate ambassadors during royal engagements. Their endearing presence charmed diplomats, celebrities, and the public alike, spreading joy and happiness wherever they went.

Notable Daily Activities with Her Dogs:

  • Taking leisurely walks in the palace grounds
  • Playing fetch and indulging in their playful antics
  • Enjoying quiet moments of cuddling and bonding
  • Participating in royal family gatherings and celebrations

The Queen’s dogs brought much-needed happiness and emotional support to her life. Their unwavering loyalty and companionship were an integral part of her journey as the monarch, creating cherished memories and leaving a lasting impact on her happiness.

Benefits of Dogs as CompanionsCorgis Bring Joy
1. Unconditional love and loyalty1. Playful and lively nature
2. Emotional support and comfort2. Endearing and charming presence
3. Encouragement for physical activity and exercise3. Source of laughter and positive energy
4. Reduced stress and improved emotional well-being4. Symbol of her lifelong attachment and fascination


Queen Elizabeth’s love for dogs, particularly corgis, was a defining aspect of her reign. Her four dogs, Muick, Sandy, Candy, and Lissy, were cherished companions who brought her immense joy and comfort. As the Queen’s dogs continue their journey after her passing, they will be taken care of by dedicated royal staff, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

The legacy of the Queen’s dogs and her unwavering love for animals will be remembered and celebrated for generations to come. The Queen’s passion for corgis has left a lasting impact, making them synonymous with her reign and capturing the hearts of people around the world.

While the Queen’s dogs may find new homes within the royal family, their presence will forever serve as a reminder of the Queen’s enduring affection for her loyal companions. Her dogs’ legacy will continue to inspire and bring happiness to dog lovers and animal enthusiasts everywhere.


How many dogs did Queen Elizabeth have?

At the time of her passing, Queen Elizabeth had four dogs.

What were the names of Queen Elizabeth’s dogs?

Queen Elizabeth had two Pembroke Welsh corgis named Muick and Sandy, an older mixed-breed “dorgi” called Candy, and a cocker spaniel named Lissy.

Did Queen Elizabeth have a favorite dog?

Queen Elizabeth had a special fondness for corgis, particularly her Pembroke Welsh corgis.

What happened to Queen Elizabeth’s dogs after her passing?

The Queen’s dogs are expected to be cared for by royal staff before potentially being adopted by Princess Anne and Prince Andrew within the royal family.

Do other members of the royal family have dogs?

Yes, other members of the royal family, such as Prince William and Kate Middleton, have had beloved pet dogs.

What is the legacy of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis?

Queen Elizabeth’s love for corgis has left a lasting legacy, and they have become synonymous with her reign.

Where did the Queen’s dogs stay in the palace?

The Queen’s corgis were once housed in a special corgi room at Buckingham Palace.

Who will take care of the Queen’s dogs?

Prince Andrew and Princess Anne are expected to take custody of the Queen’s corgis and dorgi, while the future care of the Queen’s cocker spaniel, Lissy, remains unclear.

What was the Queen’s dogs’ daily routine?

The Queen’s dogs would go for walks twice a day in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, guided by a footman.

Why did Queen Elizabeth have a fondness for corgis?

Queen Elizabeth found corgis to be delightful companions and appreciated their energy and lively nature.

How did the Queen’s dogs impact her happiness?

Having her beloved dogs by her side brought joy to Queen Elizabeth’s life and provided her with companionship throughout her reign.

What is the conclusion about Queen Elizabeth’s dogs?

Queen Elizabeth’s dogs were her cherished companions, and their legacy and impact on her life will be remembered and celebrated.

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