Can Dogs Have Tahini? A Vet’s Perspective on Whether Dogs Can Safely Enjoy Tahini

Have you ever been relishing a delicious tahini spread and locked eyes with your lovable fur-ball of a dog, wondering if maybe they could have a taste too? I tell you, that’s one tough quandary we’ve all potentially faced.

Well, after extensive research and numerous consultations with vets, it turns out our canine buddies can actually enjoy tahini – who would’ve thought! In this blog post, let’s take an informative journey together exploring the what’s-what of tahini along with its safety profile for our four-legged pals.

And not just that, we’ll also figure out some fun ways to introduce this flavorful treat into their diet. Come on then folks; let’s unravel the mysteries of dog nutrition together!

Key Takeaways

  • Dogs can eat tahini, but it should be in small amounts. Too much tahini might upset their belly.
  • Tahini is full of protein and healthy fats which are good for dogs. But remember to check with a vet before adding new foods to your dog’s diet.
  • Making tahini at home without salt is safer for dogs. Store – bought versions often have added salt which isn’t good for them.
  • If given too much tahini, dogs may throw up or get diarrhea. Over time they could also gain weight due to its high calorie content.

What Is Tahini?

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Tahini is a creamy paste made from finely ground sesame seeds, often used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Bursting with essential nutrients like protein, vitamin B, healthy fats and more, it’s hailed for its nutritional value and distinctive flavor.


Tahini is a type of paste. It comes from sesame seeds. It has a nutty taste that many find quite good. This makes it an interesting treat for pets, too! You may add it to your dog’s food for extra flavor.

Plus, tahini is full of good stuff like protein and healthy fats. It also has Vitamin B in it. But keep in mind, one spoonful holds about 89 calories. We need to consider how much our dogs eat each day so they stay fit and healthy!

Nutrition Facts

Tahini, a simple paste made from sesame seeds, is packed with a variety of nutrients that are beneficial for both humans and dogs. Below is a brief rundown of the nutritional content of tahini.

NutrientAmount per 100g serving
Healthy fats48g
Vitamin B0.15mg

This nutritional profile shows that tahini is rich in protein, healthy fats, and vitamin B, among other nutrients. This makes it beneficial for dogs when consumed in moderation. I encourage dog owners to consider including tahini in their fur friend’s diet, but be mindful of the serving size to avoid any potential health complications.

Is Tahini Safe for Dogs?

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While tahini, in moderate amounts, is generally safe for dogs to eat, there are some potential risks that dog owners should be aware of.

Moderate consumption is safe

Giving your dog tahini is safe, but it should be in small amounts. Dogs can eat sesame paste without any harm. It’s like giving them peanut butter, just a little at a time! If they eat too much tahini, it might upset their belly.

So, always keep an eye on how much you feed them. This way, dogs can enjoy the health benefits of tahini and everyone stays happy!

Potential risks to consider

I want to talk about some of the risks of giving tahini to dogs.

  1. Choking is a big fear. Sesame seeds in tahini can be hard for dogs to handle. They might choke.
  2. Digestive problems are another worry. Too much tahini may upset your dog’s tummy.
  3. Many tahinis have other ingredients too, like salt. These can hurt your dog in large amounts.
  4. Dogs might get hooked on the taste and beg for more food. This could lead to over feeding, which isn’t good.
  5. Always check with a vet before adding new foods to your dog’s diet, even small things like tahini.

An Expert’s Perspective: Can Dogs Have Tahini?

As a vet, I often get asked about dogs eating tahini. It’s not poisonous to dogs but should be given with care. High in nutrients, tahini can be good for dogs when used as an occasional treat or food addition.

Still, it has lots of fat which could cause problems if eaten too much.

You might use tahini instead of peanut butter sometimes. But before you change anything in your dog’s diet, make sure to ask their vet first! They will know what is best for your pet’s health and safety.

Tahini shouldn’t replace exciting nutrition plans your dog has already but can add some flavor now and then.

Benefits of Tahini for Dogs

Tahini can offer dogs a delicious source of protein. This tasty paste also provides healthy fats, helping keep your furry friends’ coat shiny and their skin healthy. Moreover, it’s packed with vitamin B to support active metabolism in dogs.

It’s important, however, to monitor the amount given as overconsumption could result in gastrointestinal issues.

Protein source

Tahini is full of protein. This matters for dogs. Dogs need protein to grow and stay healthy. It helps make their muscles strong. Even though the best kind of protein for dogs comes from animals, tahini can add a bit more.

The sesame seeds in tahini are rich with it! So, adding some tahini to your dog’s food can give them an extra boost of this important nutrient.

Healthy fats

Tahini is full of good fats that help your dog. These fats come from sesame seeds used in tahini. They are strong for your dog’s skin and coat health. But be careful! Tahini also has a lot of fat and calories.

Your dog can gain weight or become obese if they eat too much tahini. So, it’s best to give them this treat with care.

Vitamin B

Tahini is full of Vitamin B. This vitamin helps dogs a lot. It boosts their energy and brain power. Dogs need Vitamin B every day to stay healthy.

Your dog can get all the Vitamin B it needs from tahini. The high level of Vitamin B in tahini supports your dog’s health very well. It takes care of many parts of your pup’s wellbeing, not just energy and brains.

Give your pet some tahini, watch them thrive!

Important Considerations Before Feeding Tahini to Dogs

Before you start spooning tahini onto your dog’s dish, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. These involve making it at home without salt, the right quantity to give, and potential side effects that could occur.

Want more details? Keep reading!

Homemade tahini without salt

Making tahini at home without salt is a great idea for dogs. It keeps their food safe from too much sodium. Packaged tahini can have extra salt, not good for your pet’s health. A homemade version lets you control what goes in it.

You only need sesame seeds and oil to make it! Your dog will love the taste of this healthy mix in its food or treats. This low-sodium option is good for their heart and overall health too!

How much tahini to give

You can give your dog a small amount of tahini. Not too much! This nut butter is high in fat and cholesterol. It can cause weight gain and other health problems if you give it too often.

Start slow to see how your dog likes tahini. If their tummy gets upset or they don’t like it, stop giving them tahini right away. Check with a vet first before adding this food to their diet.

Just because dogs love the taste doesn’t mean it’s good for them all the time or in large amounts! Knowing when and how much to feed helps prevent any health issues from the start.

Potential side effects

Feeding your furry friend tahini might cause some issues. Here are some side effects to keep in mind:

  1. Vomiting: If your dog eats too much tahini, he may throw up.
  2. Diarrhea: The high fat content in tahini might give your dog a runny tummy.
  3. Weight gain: Tahini is tasty but it comes with a lot of calories. Your pup could pack on the pounds if you feed him too much.
  4. Excessive weight gain: Too many treats of any kind can lead to weight problems for dogs.
  5. Health hazards from too much salt: Store-bought tahini often has added salt which isn’t good for dogs.


Tahini is a safe treat for dogs to enjoy. It’s full of good things like protein and healthy fats. But, just like any food, too much tahini may upset your dog’s tummy. So make sure to give it in tiny amounts!


1. Can dogs eat tahini?

In small amounts, tahini is safe for most dogs to eat.

2. Is tahini good for dogs?

While it’s not harmful, tahini does not provide any special health benefits for dogs.

3. What happens if a dog eats too much tahini?

Eating too much tahini can lead to upset stomach in dogs due to its high fat content.

4. Can puppies have tahini?

Puppies can have small amounts of tahini but it should not replace their regular puppy diet.

5. How should I give my dog Tahini?

If you decide to give your dog Tahini, mix a small amount into their food.

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