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Vizsla is well-known for its various talents such as tracking, retrieving, pointing, watchdog and competitive obedience. However, Vizsla can get along with cats that they are raised with but should not be trusted with another small animal such as hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

Vizsla Pictures

Vizsla Vizsla
Vizsla Vizsla
Vizsla Vizsla
Vizsla Vizsla
Vizsla Vizsla

 Origin Country of Vizsla  :

Vizslas are depicted on etchings that date back to the 10th century. They originate from Hungary bred by the Magyars, who made use of them as hunting dogs. They may be thought to have descended from several varieties of pointers in addition to the Transylvanian hound and the Turkish yellow dog (now extinct). “Vizsla” means “pointer” within the Hungarian language. The dogs worked as hunters, their superb noses and endless power guided them to excel at catching upland game such as waterfowl and rabbit. The breed just about became extinct following Globe War II. Just after the war when the Russians took manage of Hungary, it was feared that the breed would disappear from existence. In a try to save the breed, native Hungarians smuggled many of the dogs to America and Austria. The Vizsla has two cousins, 1 with hard-wire hair referred to as the Wirehaired Vizsla as well as the other an uncommon longhaired Vizsla. The longhaired can be born in both smooth and wire litters, although this is quite a rare occurrence. The longhaired Vizslas are not registered anywhere inside the planet, but you will discover some to be located in Europe. Several of the Vizsla’s talents incorporate retriever, pointer, game bird hunter, obedience competitions, agility, and watchdog.

Height: Male Vizslas range from 22 inches to 26 inches. Female Vizslas range from 20 inches to 24 inches.


Male Vizslas range from 22 inches to 26 inches. Female Vizslas range from 20 inches to 24 inches.


Vizslas are normally a solid golden rust.


Vizslas have a brief, dense, and smooth coat that requires minimal brushing.
Temperament: The Vizsla is actually a friendly and loving dog breed that adapts nicely to family members’ lives. Alert and responsive, the Vizsla makes a fantastic watchdog. The owner of a Vizsla must be an active and energetic leader simply because if not given enough workouts, the Vizsla may become destructive.

Health Concerns:

The Vizsla is susceptible to skin troubles, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy.

Life Expectancy:

The expected life span from the Vizsla is 10-14 years.

Living Environment:

Vizslas require frequent exercise and everyday mental challenges. Vizslas make excellent house dogs, but a fenced yard and plenty of stimulation are vital for this alert and gentle dog breed.

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