Can Dogs Have Matcha? Understanding the Risks and Benefits of Dogs Consuming Matcha

Ever caught your fur baby giving an accidental sip of your matcha tea a bash? Trust me, I know the feeling – fingers speeding across the keyboard to check if it’s safe. Well, take a breath! It seems like sharing a tad bit of that green goodness with our four-legged pals might not be so bad after all.

In fact, research indicates perks such as fresher breath and improved oral health for dogs who indulge in slight amounts of matcha. And while there are rewards, risks still linger! So stay tuned as we delve into the unexpected world of canines and matcha.

Key Takeaways

  • Dogs can taste matcha, but just a little. Too much can be bad because it has caffeine.
  • Matcha helps to clean dogs’ teeth and make their breath fresh. It could also fight cancer in them.
  • Never give your dog lots of matcha without asking a vet first. They know what is safe for your pet to eat or drink.
  • If you see signs that your dog has had too much caffeine from matcha, call a vet right away!

Can Dogs Have Matcha? Understanding the Pros and Cons

A cute dog enjoying a small cup of matcha tea in nature.

Dogs can have matcha, but in very small amounts. It’s true that matcha tea has benefits. For one, it helps keep a dog’s breath fresh and teeth clean. This is good for their oral health.

Also, if your furry friend has dry skin or dandruff, matcha tea might help.

Yet caution is needed when giving dogs matcha because it contains caffeine. Although the exact amount varies depending on how you brew it, consuming too much could lead to problems such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Your dog might also become jittery or experience tremors due to an increased heart rate – all side effects of caffeine sensitivity in canines! Always consult with a vet before trying new foods like this to avoid excessive consumption which may harm your pet.

The Risks of Dogs Consuming Matcha

A dog owner holds a cup of matcha while their dog watches.

Stop and learn the risks before you let your dog have a taste of matcha. High caffeine content found in Matcha may lead to toxicity in dogs, causing potential issues such as hyperactivity and seizures.

It’s not just people who react badly to too much caffeine – dogs do too!

High caffeine content

Matcha has a high caffeine content. This might not hurt you or me, but it’s bad for dogs. Dogs can get sick from too much caffeine very quickly. Even just a little bit could lead to what we call ‘caffeine poisoning‘.

Signs of this are quite scary – the dog would be hyper and shaky, and their heart would race.

I learned that dogs are just more sensitive to caffeine than humans. So, even food or drink with only a small amount of caffeine can harm them. Because matcha powder is rich in caffeine, adding it into your pet’s meal is risky.

As caring dog owners, we need to keep our pets safe by staying clear of foods with high levels of caffeine like matcha.


Matcha tea has caffeine and theobromine. Both are not good for dogs. A dog can get sick if they drink a lot of matcha tea. They may act very active or have fits. This is called caffeine toxicity.

Giving too much green tea, like matcha, to a dog, can be bad or even cause death because of caffeine toxicity. It’s better not to give caffeinated drinks like green tea or matcha to dogs as it can hurt their health.

Potential for hyperactivity and seizures

Matcha has caffeine. This can be too much for dogs. Dogs are more sensitive to caffeine than humans. Too much of it can make dogs act out and become hyperactive. Hyperactivity in dogs is like seeing your dog run around with a lot of energy all the time.

It is not good for them because they get tired and stressed out quickly, but they can’t calm down easily by themselves.

Dogs that eat too much matcha may also have seizures from too much caffeine. Seizures are scary things where a dog’s body shakes a lot without control, often making loud noises as well or drooling excessively while it happens which should not be ignored as these might lead to serious outcomes if not treated promptly by vets.

The Benefits of Dogs Consuming Matcha

Interestingly, matcha may offer benefits for your dog’s health such as refreshing their breath, enhancing skin and coat condition, and possibly even fighting cancer. Curious to know more? Keep reading!

Improved breath and oral health

Matcha tea can do wonders for your dog’s breath and teeth. It has natural stuff that fights germs and plaque. When your dog licks or drinks matcha, the bad stuff in their mouth doesn’t stand a chance.

The plaque that causes bad breath is gone!

Green tea, like matcha, is full of things that fight bacteria and other harmful things. Your furry friend will have a cleaner mouth from these fighters! That means less trips to the vet for dental issues.

So not only does matcha make their breath fresh, it helps keep their teeth clean too!

Improved skin and coat health

Matcha is packed full of goodies that are great for your dog’s skin and fur. It has a lot of minerals and chlorophyll, which help keep the coat shiny and prevents damage. Green tea, like matcha, also makes the coat healthier overall.

If you give your dog a little bit of matcha – not too much! – it can really boost their immune system because it’s so high in vitamins and minerals. Just make sure to talk to your vet before you start feeding them matcha to be safe because of the caffeine content in it.

Potential for cancer-fighting properties

Matcha is full of green tea polyphenols. These can help fight cancer in dogs. Matcha binds to the toxins that make cells grow out of control. This is how it helps stop common cancers from growing.

The same goes for breast cancer too! Not only that, but matcha also keeps a dog’s weight healthy, cuts down inflammation, and makes their gut healthier. So, matcha is not just tasty, but it could be a lifesaver too!

How to Safely Introduce Matcha to Your Dog’s Diet

Start by giving your dog a minimal amount of matcha. Observe any changes in their behavior or health. Consult with a vet before incorporating matcha into your dog’s diet regularly.

Promote balanced feeding and avoid large amounts to prevent caffeine toxicity. Know how to handle potential overdose scenarios properly.

In moderation

Dogs can have matcha, but we must be careful. A little bit is fine. Too much of it can harm our best friends because of the caffeine content in matcha. So, just like with our food, we keep it in moderation.

It’s about giving them small amounts at a time—this way, your dog gets to enjoy the benefits without any risk. We should always put safety first for our pets! They rely on us to make good choices for them.

Just remember not to give large amounts of matcha to dogs and they will be fine.

Consult with a veterinarian

Talking to a vet before giving your dog matcha is smart. They can tell you if it’s safe or not. You should ask how much green tea is okay for your dog to have. Choosing decaf green tea might be safer.

The vet knows best about pet nutrition and your dog’s diet, so their advice helps a lot. Don’t forget – too much of something new can upset your dog’s tummy!

Importance of proper feeding

Feeding your dog right is very key. It’s not just about what they eat but also how much and when. Think of it like this: you give your dog matcha in their diet, but you have to be careful.

Too much matcha can lead to high caffeine intake, which isn’t good for dogs. Also, fluoride that’s found in matcha might hurt them if they get too much of it. So, always keep a close watch on how your dog reacts to new foods like matcha and change things up if needed.

You should also talk with a vet before making any big changes to their food plan because they know what works best for dogs.

What to do in case of accidental overdose

If your dog eats too much matcha, take quick action. Look for signs of overdose like being very active or uneasy. Your dog’s heart may also beat fast. These are clues that the caffeine in matcha is hurting your pet.

Call a vet right away. They can help with what steps to take next. Do not wait for the problem to get worse before you seek help.


Dogs can dip a paw into the world of matcha. But, like all treats, it’s best to keep it in check. Small doses may help with fresh breath and itch-free skin! Just remember that too much caffeine is not safe for our furry pals.

A chat with your vet will provide solid advice on this green powdery delight!


1. Can I give my dog matcha to drink?

No, dogs should not drink matcha as it contains caffeine which is harmful to them.

2. What happens if my dog drinks matcha?

If your dog drinks matcha, they may feel sick and show signs like vomiting or diarrhea because of the caffeine content.

3. Are there any benefits if dogs consume matcha?

While matcha has health benefits for humans, these have not been proven in dogs and the risks of caffeine intake outweigh any possible benefits.

4. If my dog ate some of my matcha snack by mistake, what do I do next?

If your dog eats some matcha by mistake, monitor him closely for any changes in behavior and contact a vet if needed.

5. How much caffeine does Matcha have which makes it bad for dogs?

Matcha can contain up to 70mg of caffeine per cup which is far too much for most dogs to handle safely.

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