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Akita Inu is docile, intelligent, courageous and fearless. Moreover, Akita Inu is careful and very affectionate with its family. Akita Inu has a size in height: dogs 26-28 inches (66-71 cm.) and bitches 24-26 inches (61-66 cm.), Akita Inu has weight: dogs 75-120 pounds (34-54 kg.) and bitches 75-110 pounds (34-50 kg.).

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Akita Inu Akita Inu
Akita Inu Akita Inu
Akita Inu Akita Inu
Akita Inu Akita Inu
Akita Inu Akita Inu

Origin Country of Akita Inu  :

The Akita Inu is native to the island of Honshu within the region of Akita in Japan, where it has remained unchanged for centuries. The Akita Inu is deemed a national dog of Japan and is 1 of seven breeds designated as an All-natural Monument. The breed has had a lot of use, like police and military functions, a guard dog (for the government and civilians), a fighting dog, a hunter of bears and deer along with a sled dog. The Akita Inu is often a versatile hunting dog, in a position to hunt in inclement weather. The Akita’s soft mouth tends to make it attainable for him to function as a waterfowl retrieval dog. The dog is regarded as sacred along with a superior luck charm in the country of Japan. Compact statues with the Akita Inu are generally given to new parents soon after babies are born as a gesture of fantastic wellness and to sick persons as a gesture of a speedy recovery. In 1937 the initial Akita, who was named Kamikaze-go was brought to the United States by Helen Keller. The dog was a gift offered to her through her trip to Akita Prefecture. Kamikaze-go died in 1935 of canine distemper. In 1938 one more Akita named Kenzan-go was offered to her as an official gift from the Japanese government. Right after World War II, many servicemen brought Akita Inu dogs to the USA. There are actually two kinds of Akitas, the original Japanese Akita breed and now a separate designation for the American common Akita. The weights and sizes are diverse along the American normal enabling for a black mask exactly as the original Japanese breed normal doesn’t permit a black mask. Based on the FCI, in Japan and in several other countries around the world the American Akita is thought to be a separate breed from the Akita Inu (Japanese Akita). Within the United States and Canada, each the American Akita and the Akita Inu are thought to be a single breed with differences in kind as opposed to two separate breeds. The Japanese Akita is uncommon in most nations.

Height: Akitas range from 24 inches to 28 inches.


Akitas range from 75 to 110 pounds.


Akitas’ coats might be of any color including white, brindle, and pinto.


Akitas possess a straight, harsh outercoat plus a soft, dense undercoat. Typical brushing is essential to keep the coat searching neat.


The Akita is really a friendly and affectionate dog breed. Early socialization is actually a must to ensure that the Akita won’t turn aggressive.

Health Concerns:

The Akita is susceptible to hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, and eye challenges.

Life Expectancy:

The expected life span with the Akita is 10-12 years.

Living Environment:

Akitas do finest in a house using a fenced yard. The owner of an Akita should be an energetic leader as a way to deal with this substantial and potent dog breed.

AKC Group:

The Akita Inu is in the Operating group.Feb 14, 2012 | 0 | Akita Inu puppies

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